Thursday, May 17, 2012

Be bold, and mighty forces will come to your aid.

June 20, Sunday 
Ahhhh.  Summer vacation started yesterday. That means for the next 79 days, including today, I have absolutely nothing to worry about.

It's the summer before fourth grade, and Justin's new favorite thing is "Nothing To Worry About".

Nothing to worry about except... Camp GoldenBrook, for goodness' sake.

Camp GoldenBrook summer day camp involves a daily bus ride, changing in front of others, runny-aroundy-kids, James/Jay the camp counselor, flip-flops, swim tests, an obstacle course, and Color War.

This summer Justin decides to be bold. He doesn't quit. And, mighty forces come to his aid... in the form of the Super Dooper Big Boogie Boondoggle Splashmaster Cannonball.

Next summer, it looks like it will be back to science camp. Not quitting Camp GoldenBrook is one thing. Signing up for it again is just nuts!

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