Wednesday, March 6, 2013

it's all coming together

Today I read The Center of Everything by Linda Urban*

Ruby Pepperdine is an amazing sixth grader who has always been helpful, who never caused too much trouble, and who always did what she was supposed to. But what if there was no such thing as supposed to?

The story takes place during the course of one day, the day of the big parade in Bunning NH. And this year's Bunning Day Essay Girl is Ruby.

This is a beautiful book, told in a series of short vignettes that all circle around to Ruby and her wish on this particular Bunning Day.

I loved so much of this short book, but my favorite bit was the author's note at the end. Be sure not to miss it:
"Sometimes we don't even know how to wish for the things we need most."

*Linda Urban wrote another of my favorite's:  Hound Dog True 

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