Saturday, June 29, 2013

once upon a time there were two girls

I just read The School for Good and Evil at V's insistent prodding. 

Saying that it was the best book she's read this year, V and I both read it quickly despite its 488 pages. 

Sophie and Agatha are as different as night and day. Where Sophie is blonde and fair and does her best to look perfect, Agatha is dark and dirty and lives in a cemetery. Yet, they are best friends.
Good in pink. Evil in black. The School Master’s perfect pair.
The School for Good and Evil is dark, funny, enchanting, and entertaining. It asks great questions for tweens and teens about the nature of good and evil.
It's not what we are. It's what we do.
Full of characters and creatures that populate fairy tales... along with fantastic world-building... this is a brilliant book. There is a lot of space between good and evil, and it is somewhere in that space that most of us reside.
"You're not evil. You're human."
A wonderful tale, artfully told – both V and I recommend it unreservedly!

They didn't realize that villains are the ones closest to us. They didn't realize that to find a happy ending, a hero must first look right under his nose.

Soman Chainani's debut novel The School for Good and Evil is the first book of a trilogy. Universal has purchased the movie rights... so get your copy now.

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