Monday, July 22, 2013

phone home

Today I read Better Nate Than Ever by former Broadway performer and debut author Tim Federle. 

Did I like it? Is Christine Daaé's high note pre-recorded in 'Phantom'?  ... (yes)


Nate is bullied terribly for being different.

He takes a big risk and runs away from home (Jankburg, Pennsylvania) and heads to New York City via Greyhound Bus to an open casting call for the Broadway musical version of the blockbuster Steven Spielberg movie, "E.T." 

Need I, really, say more?

With the aid of his best friend Libby, Nate's fool proof plan to escape Jankburg is set in motion.

Middle grade readers, lovers of NYC, theater fans, and anyone who has ever been bullied will love this book.

Better Nate Than Ever is proof that... It gets better.

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