Saturday, May 3, 2014

pick your poison

"To sell a book, you need a description on the back. So here's mine: My name is Fiona Loomis. I was born on August 11, 1977. I am recording this message on the morning of October 13, 1989. Today I am thirteen years old. Not a day older. Not a day younger."

The Riverman by Aaron Starmer is the first book in a three book series. It's about alternate worlds, a magical land called Aquavania, where the villain is The Riverman. It's about what we think is real and what we think is imaginary. And…when given the chance to create anything, would you recreate the reality you know?

It's dark and creepy, and teens will get more out of it than middle grade readers.

Our narrator, Alistair Cleary 'pens' Fiona's fantastical tale. Alistair comes to the conclusion that Fiona is attempting to cope with her deranged Uncle, who rumor has it has returned from the war a bit damaged. Also, Alistair sees the Riverman as not only a physical person threatening Fiona but as a metaphor for those who take that which we most need in our lives. Happiness? Love? Friendship? Pick your poison.

The book takes place over the course of 6 weeks (and, as a twist, also several years).

I am looking forward to book 2. Although, The Riverman, stands on its own just fine.

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