Sunday, December 28, 2014

The Port Chicago 50 (final)

I don't know about you, but I felt like I had a front row seat at the trial of the Port Chicago 50. I liked how the author used excerpts from the trial transcript to give us a primary source narrative.

The Port Chicago 50 were tried and convicted of the outrageous charge of mutiny.

Our legal rights have so many layers: there are civil rights, political rights, and social rights. 

  • Can you name some groups of people who have had to fight for equal protection under the law?

This book began with a hero and ended with the emerging Civil Rights movement and its heroes. 

  • Can you think of anyone who you consider a Civil Rights hero today?
  • Can you think of any time recently where you have seen people marching or protesting for their civil rights?
  • What stories are unfolding in your community, or in the U.S., or around the world regarding civil rights?

After reading this story, the word that keeps coming to my mind is... unfinished.  This was an account of a time in history, but I feel that we are still living parts of this story. 

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