Wednesday, March 4, 2015

an adorably cute romance story

If you are looking for an adorably cute romance story, A Little Something Different by Sandy Hall is just the book for you.

The story is told in 14 different perspectives, and none of those are from the main character. Lea and Gabe go to the same college, are in the same creative writing class, go to the same Starbucks, order the same Chinese food... but despite a mutual crush, it never seems to work out. Everyone else can see their obvious connection: the bus driver, the teacher, the barista, the waitress, even a squirrel! Very clever.

This is a fun book for teens. It's a little something different: a courtship/non-courtship in multiple perspectives, a look at how our own perceived problems can get in the way of happiness, a love story told by the people around the main characters. Each different take on the unfolding relationship is perfect for teen readers.

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