Monday, April 25, 2016


This weekend I read Kate DiCamillo's new book, Raymie Nightingale. The book is beautiful and wonderful and loosely based on DiCamillo's childhood. The story is about loss and love and friendship and community.

It's the summer of 1975 and 10-year-old Raymie Clarke has a plan to enter and win the Little Miss Central Florida Tire competition. And, if Raymie intends to win the Little Miss Central Florida Tire contest, she must learn how to twirl a baton... enter Beverly Tapinski and Louisiana Elefante.

This book is absolutely perfect for the middle grade readers you know. It's perfect for anyone who needs to know that you are stronger than you think; that it takes a lot of bravery to be kind; that sometimes you think you can understand how the world works but not know why it exists.

Read the first five chapters HERE.

My favorite chapter is Chapter 21

My favorite quote:
"Beware of the brokenhearted," said the grandmother, "for they will lead you astray."
Outside it started to rain even harder.
"That's all of us, though, Granny, isn't it?" said Louisiana over the noise of the rain. "Aren't we all brokenhearted?"

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