Saturday, July 14, 2012

All will be well.

I was away for a few days and read See You at Harry's by Jo Knowles. It's a wonderful story narrated by an amazing 12-year-old girl, Fern. 
Mom got into bed with me and read Charlotte's Web. It took all day, and at the end, we both cried and shared a tissue.
When we finished sniffling, my mom adjusted herself in the bed so she could look at me. "Fern," she said softly. "Do you know why I named you Fern?"
I nodded, looking at the drawing of the girl on the cover of the book.
"Why?" she asked.
"Because Fern is one of your favorite characters?"
"And why is that?"
I shrugged.
"Because Fern cares," she said. "From the moment you were born, I could tell you had a special soul. I knew you'd be a good friend. A hero."
I looked at my chest and tried to feel my soul buried in there, deep in my heart. 

This is a great book about family and siblings and relationships. It will open a dialog for discussions on bullying, sexuality, grief, faith, and forgiveness.

Here are some of my favorite bits to start you thinking:
... I wonder what that must be like. To know you're different. To know some people are going to hate you because of it.
... my eyes fill with tears. I feel like a big baby for being so upset, but it really does hurt to be wronged. It hurts so much. 
... why is it that when people are nice to you, it makes you have to cry?

If you've ever felt unsupported or invisible, you should get to know Fern. If you love books filled with endearing characters that stay with you long after the story is over, See You at Harry's is the book for you. 

So, when all that's left of me
Is love,
Give me away.
~ Merritt Malloy

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