Monday, July 16, 2012

my fingers on the switch

Today in 1951,The Catcher in the Rye was published.
Holden Caulfield is the ultimate alienated teenager.

So, it seems appropriate that I just finished the book, Please Ignore Vera Dietz by A.S. King. Vera Dietz, like Holden, is a sullen teen trying to figure out the adult world.

“I'd rather feel something for real than pretend it's not what it is. Which Zen guy said "If you want to drown, do not torture yourself with shallow water"?”  ~ Vera Deitz

The story of Vera and her dead best friend Charlie is revealed slowly. The primary narrator is Vera, but Charlie and Vera's dad and even the pagoda get a few chapters. Very clever, indeed. The alternating points of view help you to understand how the characters see themselves and how they are viewed by others.

Please Ignore Vera Deitz was a dark, humorous, and tragic young adult novel that older teens and adults will love.
“Today I am in control because I want to be. I have my fingers on the switch, but have lived a lifetime ignoring the control I have over my own world. Today is different.” ~ Vera Deitz 

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