Monday, December 30, 2013

Because, really, She'd just been winging it.

I have found the best book for the new year: 
God Got a Dog by Cynthia Rylant.

I love this book. 

I love that God is a man or a woman or a child. I love that God is black or white, fat or thin or bald, or a country music fan.

I love that God has conversations with Buddha… 

"The birds were singing and He was at peace. Buddha told Him it could be this way, but he never really believed it until now."
and calls Mother Theresa when He gets a cold
"He asked could she bring some comic books. And of course she did. Mother Teresa loves all who suffer. Even God. Maybe Him a little more."

God dropped a coin in the Building Fund box; She wrote a book and made spaghetti. He got arrested and got in a boat.
"All the little houses and all the green trees and all the tidy cities and all the sky and all the land, it all made sense. She was surprised. Because, really, She'd just been winging it."

And, of course, God got a dog… and now God has somebody keeping Her feet warm at night. 

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