Friday, December 6, 2013

so constant

This week I read The 14 Fibs of Gregory K. by Greg Pincus. It's a great middle grade read.

From GoodReads:
Failing math but great at writing, Gregory finds the poetry (and humor) in what's hard.

Gregory K is the middle child in a family of mathematical geniuses. But if he claimed to love math? Well, he'd be fibbing. What he really wants most is to go to Author Camp. But to get his parents' permission he's going to have to pass his math class, which has a probability of 0. THAT much he can understand! To make matters worse, he's been playing fast and loose with the truth: "I LOVE math" he tells his parents. "I've entered a citywide math contest!" he tells his teacher. "We're going to author camp!" he tells his best friend, Kelly. And now, somehow, he's going to have to make good on his promises.

Hilariously it's the "Fibonacci Sequence" -- a famous mathematical formula! -- that comes to the rescue, inspiring Gregory to create a whole new form of poem: the Fib! Maybe Fibs will save the day, and help Gregory find his way back to the truth.

For every kid who equates math with torture but wants his own way to shine, here's a novel that is way more than the sum of its parts.

Will his sixth grade math teacher be able to use Gregory's love of writing and poetry to help him overcome his disinterest in math? Will Gregory's math-loving father ever understand poems? Will Gregory K make it to Author Camp?

So constant.
Just like my life,
there are no surprising results.

Just in case this book has you wanting more of Leonardo Fibonacci of Pisa, check out this TED talk:

Or, watch the amazing Vi Hart on Khan Academy. Once you watch her three videos, be sure to check out her Notes and References video for further information:

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