Thursday, February 26, 2015

some people just really like donuts

"You can't get to where you're going without being where you've been."

"And you couldn't be anywhere at all without having been almost there for a while."

I recently read the book Absolutely Almost by Lisa Graff and I can't stop thinking about it. I keep wondering how Albie is getting on now.

Albie is a thoughtful, middle-grade character. You will be cheering for him and his average abilities right from the get-go. Albie struggles at school, is harassed by bullies, and pressured to excel by his parents. 

Albie is not the smartest, or the tallest, or the most athletic, or the most musical, or the best artist. But Albie is endearing and thoughtful. He is almost good at many things, but not quite good enough - academically he is plodding along in a below average way.

Readers will root for Albie. Kids will adore his babysitter, Calista, and wish they could be part of Math Club with Mr. Clifton.
"I hoped I could accidentally do math some more. It turned out that was the best way to do it."
Get this book for readers you know who are thoughtful, who are perceptive, who are wonderful at noticing, who are average or just below average.

Get this book for the parents you know who are still learning how to parent the wonderful children they have, rather than the exceptional children they wish they had.

This book will help you be who you are - I'm absolutely almost certain of it.

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