Thursday, January 26, 2012

a day of reading

I just started reading the book A Monster Calls. I am just a few chapters in, but it is one of those books that have me planning my day around reading... I can bring it to the gym with me tomorrow... and then again while I'm waiting for an oil change at the service center...
It's a book by Patrick Ness, but it's based on the last story idea from Siobhan Dowd who died in 2007 from breast cancer at the age of 47... the age I am now.

The story opens in England. Thirteen year old, Conor O'Malley, is a brave boy with a recurring nightmare: his mother slips from his grasp, lost forever. Conor's waking life isn't much better, his mother is dying from cancer.

So when a monster appears after midnight, like they always do, Conor isn't frightened. He's seen worse. 

I'm at the point in the book now where the monster is going to tell Conor three parables. After the final story, Conor must tell the monster his own story... but not just any story, he must tell the monster his own Truth.


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  2. I finished the book today with tears streaming down my face. A Monster Calls, is an example of the power of stories. If you've ever experienced loss or had to let go of something precious... each reader will take something personal of their own away from it. When reading A Monster Calls, we are Conor. By sharing it, we become monsters.