Monday, January 9, 2012

dazzling & magical

V started reading Liesl & Po last night and she couldn't put it down. Liesl & Po by Lauren Oliver is both a beautiful fairy-tale and a wonderful adventure story. Since her father's death, Liesl has been locked away in the tiny attic room by her conniving stepmother. After 3 days in the attic, Liesl grows despondent and catches the attention of a ghost, Po. He has come from the Other Side and is as lonely as Liesl. Po brings Liesl a message from her father: 
"I shouldn't have eaten the soup."

The dark themes of this book are softened by a wonderful description of The Other Side - a place where one goes after death. It is written in a dazzling and magical way that removes any fear of death and instead leaves a sense of peace that even grieving Liesl can understand.


  1. I love the post. Can I borrow the book when Victoria is done? It sounds so good!

  2. Like Jordan I love the post. I really want to read the book now!