Saturday, June 30, 2012

total epicness

The Classroom: The Epic Documentary of a Not-Yet-Epic Kid
A documentary crew descends upon Westside Middle School to reveal what middle-school students’ lives are really like.

Trevor Jones is just starting middle school. He's a worrier and a "pre-thinker". Despite his claim that he's not worried about seventh grade, he has his first day all planned out... only nothing goes as planned.

This is a funny, very appealing story for anyone approaching the middle-school years. The book's documentary style, complete with "interviews", is very clever. The illustrations are a mix of notes, cartoons, and other "found materials" that keep the book's sense of humor alive. There are also plenty of misunderstandings, anxiety, and romantic entanglements to keep you laughing.

In the end, being "epic" is actually easier than you think.

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