Thursday, February 2, 2012

but in ourselves

I love John Green, how can I not? 
I also love nerdfighters and brotherhood 2.0 and vlogbrothers.

So, of course, I bought a copy of The Fault in our Stars.  I have been looking forward to reading it, but I could not find where I put it (which can be frustrating and exacerbates my nagging fear of being a disorganized book hoarder).

Come to find out, my copy of The Fault in our Stars ended up being donated in the auction basket for the Learning Lab tomorrow. Mystery solved and hoarder disorder avoided (for now).

Here's a clip of John Green. I know you'll love him. He shares my ongoing irritation, fascination, and annoyance with the oxford comma - another one of his endearing qualities.  

Here's one more John Green video blog that I love... I just couldn't help myself.

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