Wednesday, February 29, 2012

a retelling

There are no road signs to mark the tiny village of Limpette. It lies between two towns that you may have heard of. If you pass Ostrander's goat farm, you've gone too far.
So begins The Humming Room by Ellen Potter. 

It's a lovely novel inspired by The Secret Garden.

This is the story of Roo Fanshaw. But, in order to see her in the opening scene, you'll need to get down on all fours and squeeze through an opening in the vinyl apron that surrounds the bottom of her family's mobile home. Roo's special skill is hiding.

Roo is the reason you'll like this book. She's distrustful and tough, wild and willful, sensitive and observant. Like in The Secret Garden... there's always the chance for redemption and renewal.

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