Friday, February 24, 2012

poems about books

A new book arrived yesterday, and she's a beauty... 
a beautiful book of poems about books
by Laura Purdie Salas.

Calling All Readers

I'll tell you a story.
I'll spin you a rhyme.
I'll spill some ideas -
and we'll travel through time.

Put down the controller.
Switch off the TV.
Abandon the mouse and
just hang out with me.

I promise adventure.
Come on, take a look!
On a day like today,
there's no friend like a book.


Line after line of inky black birds
forming the flocks that shift into words.
Page after page of tales winging by,
singing a story against a
white sky.

Written in Snow

Snowy pages,
steady track,
tiny footprints
dipped in black.

Through the blizzard
stories roam.
They tiptoe bravely
out, then home.


I swallow up dragons and
cannons and

I don't fear old mansions
with slow, creaking

I quite like the dark -
murky midnight's no

The one thing I fear
is the feeling of -

When puddles attack me or
raindrops are

they leave me quite soggy -
they turn me all

The End

You race
toward me,
checking page numbers
and calculating their distance.

sprint skip skim
to win
the reader's race
to cross me -
the book's finish line.

But then
smile cry sigh,
flip to chapter one
and start again.

I am not so much
The End
as I am an
invitation back
to the beginning.

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