Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Mystery of the Secret Piecrust Recipe

Alice's Aunt Polly was a natural born pie maker. She makes incredible pies. Anyone who tasted one of her pies always said the same thing - "You ought to open up your own pie shop, Polly!" And so she did... being a humble person, she gave her pie shop a humble name - PIE. What was most unusual about her shop was that Aunt Polly never charged for her pies. Aunt Polly had said, "Why on earth would I charge people money for something that brings so much pleasure?"

When Aunt Polly died, no one was sadder than Alice who had always adored her aunt.

Their little town is turned upside down when it learns that Aunt Polly has left her famous piecrust recipe to Lardo... and has left her unfriendly cat, Lardo, to Alice. The story is a wonderful mystery and the search for the elusive recipe leaves Alice and her friend Charlie to put the pieces together.

As an extra treat to this sweet book, each of the 14 chapters begin with one of Aunt Polly's famous pie recipes. 

You can read the first chapter of Pie on Sarah Weeks website.

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