Tuesday, February 14, 2012

wonderful words

Every school day feels the same for fourth graders Lucy and Henry and Evie and Russell and May. Then Ms. Mirabel comes to their class - bringing magical words and a whole new way of seeing and understanding.

Word After Word After Word is a book for any child who's a writer... or wants to be a writer. This book will definitely whisper something important in the ears of all who read it. Everyone is a writer with a story to tell.

Ms. Mirabel is a famous author who visits the fourth grade class to guest teach for six weeks. She teaches the children and Miss. Cash, the fourth grade teacher, something magical... the beauty of words.

"Remember this if you remember anything from our time together," said Ms. Mirabel. "Writing... is... brave. You are brave."

Read the first few chapters... Word After Word After Word

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