Monday, February 20, 2012

little actions make a big difference

This is Groundhog Day meets Mean Girls plus It's a Wonderful Life (but if you weren't a wonderful person - more from Mr. Potter's point of view).

It's Friday February 12th, Cupid Day, at Thomas Jefferson High School. Sam Kingston is pretty and popular and it's her favorite day of senior year. Yet, on the way home from a late night party, Sam is in a car accident... and dies. Only, instead of dying she relives February 12th again and again. In each go round, Sam changes her actions little by little. Slowly she begins to learn what matters most in life.

Imagine if you got to relive your last day over and over again to try to account for your mistakes. You get the chance to re-evaluate your life and make changes by living the events of your fateful last day again and again...

I would have loved to read this book as a teenager.

This is a haunting story, brilliantly told by Lauren Oliver (who wrote Liesl & Po). It is sure to make you look at your actions and see that all choices have consequences. Everyone's lives run deeper than you can imagine.

parental warning: I would recommend this book to 14 and older.

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